Can Birth Control Affect a Pregnancy?

Women don’t know that they are pregnant starting with the first moment of pregnancy and this is why it is possible that they take birth control pills even after the fertilized egg is embedded into the lining of the uterus. So, can birth control affect a pregnancy?

According to the studies regarding birth control and pregnancy if women are taking the pill during pregnancy their babies have higher chances of being affected by birth defects.

Birth ControlHowever you shouldn’t be stressed about the matter. If you took some pills by accident most probably they won’t harm the baby, but still it is better to talk to your doctor and have some tests, just to make sure.

In this case the majority of the doctors say that women shouldn’t worry about it because a few pills don’t do any harm.

Even though the studies showed that there might be a problem, there is no certain evidence that babies do get harmed. If you are pregnant, stress isn’t good for the baby, so try not to be overly concerned about the matter.

Just think about the fact that a lot of women were in the same situation as you are in and they had healthy babies.

When thinking about taking birth control pills during pregnancy we all know that there is a warning on the package saying that women shouldn’t be taking it during pregnancy.

This is something that the FDA also agrees with. It’s not only the pregnancy that the pills could affect but in the same time it could decrease the milk production of women.

The truth is that the opinions regarding taking birth control pills while being pregnant are quite different, but they all agree that women should avoid this situation.

However women ought to stop taking the pills as soon as they find out that they are pregnant.


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