Can Ovarian Cysts Prevent Pregnancy?

Although you may think otherwise, having an ovarian cyst isn’t that uncommon.

Even more, it affects about 0.1% women so it comes as no surprise that many ask whether ovarian cysts can prevent pregnancy.

Ovarian CystsIt is said that in the majority of the cases the cysts don’t affect pregnancy and they disappear on their own.

Information about cysts

Usually the cysts that are found aren’t cancerous and only one in 25,000 pregnant women end up having ovarian cancer.

Normally an ultrasound is used to determine whether a cyst is benign or not, but sometimes this tool doesn’t offer an accurate result.

How do the cysts affect pregnancy?

It is possible for the ovarian cysts prevent pregnancy if they interfere with ovulation. This means that women can’t get pregnant and they could be affected by infertility. There are several kinds of cysts and two of them are known to have a major effect on pregnancy.

First one of them is endometrial and it affects the lining of the uterus. Because of this the lining of the uterus grows and it thickens so that it is impossible for the baby to develop. The second kind of cyst is known as cystadenoma. This kind of cyst can grow to 30 cm. This is a pain-causing cyst, especially in case of pregnant women.

If we are talking about larger cysts, of about 8 cm, these could have an effect on pregnancy. The biggest threat regarding these cysts is that they could burst during pregnancy through rupture or by getting twisted. If this is the case the patients will experience a lot of pain and they could also go through premature labor and birth or they could even lose the baby.

The ovarian cysts while being pregnant are usually removed through surgery to keep the mother safe.


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