Can Precum Cause Pregnancy?

Before answering the question: “Can precum cause pregnancy?” let’s take a look at what precum is.

It is also known as pre-ejaculate fluid and it is a kind of body fluid that the body of men secrets when being sexually aroused.

The fluid precedes ejaculation and orgasm during sexual intercourse. It is important to note regarding precum that it is secreted during sexual arousal that doesn’t necessarily involve sexual intercourse as well.

Precum causing pregnancy

According to the studies that have been conducted in this field, although it is highly unlikely, it is possible for precum to contain a small number of sperm that can lead to pregnancy.

This happens so because from a medical point of view the role of precum is to prepare the path of sperm for ejaculation.

If there is precum on the tip of the penis it means that the urethra is ready and lubricated and so the passing of sperm is easier.

What are the odds?

Can Precum Cause Pregnancy

As it has been mentioned before, precum rarely has sperm, so the chances of women getting pregnant are quite low. Still women shouldn’t be careless because there is always the possibility to get pregnant. No matter how small you think the chances are, statistically these are of about 10%. During intercourse it is possible that men do not realize that they are leaking precum, so they should use some protection at all times.

Tips and tricks

For the couples that don’t want to have children yet it may be useful to use the withdrawal technique. This means that the man should withdraw the penis when he feels like his orgasm is building. In order to avoid pregnancy caused by precum couples can also use the so-called rhythm method, meaning not having sexual intercourse in the fertile period of the woman.


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