Can You Eat Chocolates While Pregnant?

Well, there sure are many challenges to be faced by all pregnant women like giving up food they like, giving up drinks they like, limiting intake of certain eatables and to top it all-dealing with a wave of different emotions which keep showing up.  In this midst of everyone telling you to ‘eat this’, ‘don’t eat that’, you must really know what foods are okay to be taken and which ones are a complete no-no. So this raises another question-can a pregnant woman eat chocolate? Let’s find out the answer.

chocolate during pregnancy

Yes, it’s okay to eat Chocolate when you are Pregnant

Well the good news for chocolate loving pregnant women is that it is completely okay to gorge on chocolate.  Infact some studies have even proved that those mothers who had chocolate during pregnancy had babies with low temperaments.  In a study conducted among 300 pregnant women, it was found that those mothers who had chocolate daily had less frustrated and less fearful babies while those who kept themselves completely away from the sweetness didn’t really show these results. So, don’t worry and let your chocolate craving be satisfied.

Benefits of Eating Chocolate during Pregnancy

Apart from the fact that has been established in the previous paragraph, there are some other benefits of eating chocolate during pregnancy as well.  The following are a few of the major ones:

  • Eating chocolate during pregnancy (or otherwise) released feel-good endorphins and these can really help a pregnant woman feel good, feel happy. This in turn results in happier and less fussy babies.
  • Chocolate also contains a cannabinoid which tends to cross the placenta for a real feel-good effect.
  • Another benefit of eating chocolate during pregnancy is that chocolate tends to short circuit the stress response and acts as a stress and tension buster. Being free from stress is important for all pregnant women.
  • Dark chocolate is a better chocolate choice during pregnancy as it has more positive effects than light chocolate.

So is Chocolate Essential to Eat During Pregnancy?

This is another important question which is asked by many pregnant females. It sure is true that eating chocolate is allowed during pregnancy and has several benefits but not having it doesn’t mean that your baby will turn out to be unhappy. If you are not a chocolate lover, then don’t force yourself into eating it.

If you are looking for a stress buster and chocolate isn’t your choice, then there are many other alternatives as well for you.  Meditation and exercising are some ways which too can reduce stress considerably.

How much Chocolate am I allowed Eating During Pregnancy?

Well while you can have chocolate while you are pregnant, you must also know when to stop and how much to consume.  You must not overdo your chocolate consumptions because having too much can crowd out other types of healthy foods and will also lead to excess weight gain. It is important to know that women who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes must avoid having either chocolates or other simple carbohydrates as well.

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