Can You Spray Tan While Pregnant?

During pregnancy a lot of things change about your life including the products that you use and you could be asking can you spray tan while pregnant.

It is believed that spray tan is healthier than the tanning bed or sunbathing because you don’t have to worry about the harmful rays.

Can You Spray Tan While Pregnant

Kinds of airbrush tans during pregnancy

Airbrush tan is one option when it comes to fake tanning, but there are a lot of other products that you might be thinking about. You can get an airbrush tan at a tanning salon or at a beauty salon. This can be applied by a tanning machine or by a specialist holding a handheld machine.

If you would like to know more about the pregnancy spray tan, you should also know about the tanning lotions that you can apply on your skin. In both cases the active ingredient is DHA or dihydroxyacetone. This is a carbon sugar that reacts with the amino acids found on the surface of the skin, making the skin darker.


In case you are asking can you spray tan while pregnant it is good to know that the DHA based products affect only the outer layer of the skin. The substance doesn’t get absorbed by the skin and so it doesn’t reach the fetus. This means that tanning is safe as long as the substances aren’t absorbed by the skin.

When thinking about spray tan during pregnancy you should know that the skin during pregnancy is more sensitive than before or after. This is why, even though you might have tried spray tans before, it is best to apply the product on a small part of your skin before you apply it on your entire body.


If you know the answer to the question can you spray tan while pregnant and you choose to have the spraying tan, you have to be careful with the fumes. It is best to have a mask over your mouth and nose so that you won’t breathe the fumes in. It is best if you ask for your doctor’s opinion before you get tanned.


Believe it or not, getting a spray tan when being pregnant comes with some benefits. The nutrients of the tanning lotion maintain the elasticity of women’s skin during pregnancy. After you get tanned you should use an after-tanning lotion that comes with other nutrients that are good for your skin.


In case you are asking can you spray tan while pregnant you should know that at the moment the specialists don’t have a definite answer for you. This is why you should ask your doctor about the matter and in the end make the decision for yourself. If something happens to the baby, there are no legal claims for you to make.


When it comes to using spray tan while being pregnant a lot of people think that all the products and procedures are the same, but this isn’t true.

Now you know the answer to the question can you spray tan while pregnant. You just have to be careful about it.


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