What You Should Know about Cramping During Early Pregnancy

You should know regarding cramping during early pregnancy that it is quite common for women to experience some kind of cramping. It is something like the menstrual cramps that women have, but their period never comes. There are several different causes of the cramps.

Cramping During Early Pregnancy

Information about early pregnancy cramping

The causes of the cramping that you may experience include the uterus getting ready for the nourishment of the baby, the hormonal changes that take place or they could be caused by implantation. It is possible for the cramping to be accompanied by spotting that makes women think that they have their period.

Pregnancy cramping during the early stages

In the majority of the cases there is a perfectly natural explanation for the occurrence of the cramping. However you should remember that it is a nonspecific sign, so if you have cramps it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are pregnant. There are some other pains as well that could mean a pregnancy.

Besides the pregnancy abdominal pain during the early stages you could also experience pain in the lower back, shooting pain in the vulva or vagina or uterine pain. No matter how strange this may sound, usually these cramps are nothing more than just simple cramps. When implantation occurs, it also causes cramps.

If you are thinking about abdominal pain during the early stages of pregnancy you should know that the women who already have several children could experience shooting strong pain in the hip or groin area. The pain gets better if women start walking, but it could be more severe when they stand up for the first time.

A lot of women are interested in the early pregnancy abdominal cramping and they ask their doctor about it. Usually there is no answer because each pain is a little different. In fact it is the tendons in the groin area that are painful. In order to avoid the pain, you should exercise to strengthen the tendons.

Walk it out

In abdominal cramping when being pregnant you have to remember that the best thing that you could do is to do a lot of walking. This way the tendons will become stronger and you will experience less pain. In the same time labor and childbirth will also become easier.

Talk to your doctor

The abdominal pain during pregnancy could become alarming if its intensity is increasing and if it is accompanied by heavy spotting. Also you should tell your doctor if the symptoms last for more than 6 weeks or if even at the beginning the spotting is heavy.

It is possible for you to experience the pregnancy abdominal cramping during the early stages in the lower abdomen and only on one side. If this is the case you should see a doctor because it is possible that you have an ectopic pregnancy.

As you can see it is very likely for your cramps during early pregnancy to be entirely normal, but they could also be the sign of something serious.


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