What Are the Cytomegalovirus Symptoms?

It is more likely to see the cytomegalovirus symptoms in case of the babies who are infected in the womb or during or right after births and in case of people who have weak immune systems. Normally healthy adults don’t really see the signs of the problem.

Babies and symptoms of cytomegalovirus

If a pregnant woman gets infected there is the possibility for her to pass the infection on to the baby. If you get infected for the first time during your pregnancy your chances of passing on the infection are higher than in case of women who are infected because of the reactivated virus.

Cytomegalovirus SymptomsThe cytomegalovirus signs don’t appear right after birth. Upon birth these babies seem to be healthy. The signs develop over time. It may take months or years for them to appear. The most common symptom in this case is the loss of hearing. In some cases the babies also have vision impairment.

The babies who show the signs of cytomegalovirus right after birth are usually really sick. Their symptoms include yellow eye and skin, rash or purple skin splotches, enlarged spleen, small birth size, seizures, pneumonia and enlarged and dysfunctional liver.

Weakened immune system

In case of the people with weak immune systems the cytomegalovirus symptoms are similar to the symptoms of infectious mononucleosis. It is also possible for the virus to attack certain organs. The symptoms in this case include blindness and visual impairment, diarrhea, and pneumonia.

In the same time the cytomegalovirus symptoms could also involve hepatitis, ulcers in the digestive tract that could cause bleeding, changes in the behavior, brain inflammation, coma and seizures. The healthy people don’t really experience any symptoms, except for the initial infection.

See your doctor

If you know that you have a weakened immune system and you seem to have the warning signs of cytomegalovirus, you should make sure that you see your doctor about them. Keep in mind that in case of a weakened immune system the infection could turn out to be fatal.

The people who had organ or bone marrow transplants are the most likely to experience the cytomegalovirus symptoms. If you are pregnant and you have an infection that seems to be mononucleosis you should see your doctor to make sure that it’s not CMV.

If you had the cytomegalovirus warning signs before and you are healthy but you still feel a general feeling of illness, it is possible that the virus is in the reactivation phase. In this case all you have to do is to take good care of yourself, such as having plenty of rest. This way the body will be able to control the infection.

If you are pregnant and you see the cytomegalovirus symptoms you should talk to your doctor about the possible effects of the infection on the baby. If you aren’t pregnant and you are in a good health, there is no real reason for you to seek any medical attention. The infection will disappear on its own.


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