Can Diarrhea Be a Sign of Pregnancy?

The women who would like to get pregnant often overanalyze their symptoms.

This is why they often ask if diarrhea can be a sign of pregnancy? It is true that diarrhea could be a sign of pregnancy, but there is more to diarrhea than pregnancy.

DiarrheaIt isn’t a certain indicator since there are a lot of things that could cause loose and frequent bowel movements.

During pregnancy

In case of the pregnant women, especially during the early stages, there is an increase in the hormone levels. These hormones have different effects on your body, including affecting your gastrointestinal tract.

This is why a lot of women say that they have upset stomach and intestines, possibly leading to diarrhea. In the same time pregnant women could also be affected by constipation and nausea.

Other causes

It is possible that women realize later that they have diarrhea during pregnancy, after they had a positive pregnancy result.

Still there could be some other reasons of the complaint as well, such as the spicy molecule of hot peppers called capsaicin. This leads to bowel irritation, possibly causing diarrhea.

Another common reason for diarrhea is food poisoning. Still in this case you can also expect to experience some nausea and vomiting as well. In other cases all you have is a mild stomach bug.


One of the annoying things about the pregnancy symptoms is that, since they are caused by hormones, they are pretty similar to the symptoms of a regular period. A lot of women experience diarrhea along with breast soreness, backache, fatigue and mood swings. This is why, although you could have diarrhea because of pregnancy, it is also possible that you experience it simply because your period is approaching.

As you can see it is common to experience diarrhea while being pregnant but you could be affected at any other point of your life before or after pregnancy.


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