Can Discharge Be a Sign of Pregnancy?

During a menstrual cycle, women can observe discharge in many situations, especially during ovulation. However, you can also think about discharge and pregnancy since it is one of the nonspecific symptoms.

In some cases this is the first sign of pregnancy that women see but not necessarily take under consideration, so can discharge be a sign of pregnancy?

Discharge a Sign of PregnancyWhy does it happen?

When implantation takes place, the body produces more estrogen. In the same time the blood flow increases in the uterine region.

As a result there will be more cervical discharge. In the end this will form the mucus plug that protects the uterus until childbirth. It is also possible for the mucus to get beyond the cervix.


This is a milky discharge that the body could produce during pregnancy. It is usually mistaken for the mucus that women observe before or after their period.

Women say that leucorrhea is milky and thin with a mild odor. There is no reason to worry about this discharge during pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding

Another kind of discharge that you could notice during pregnancy is the so-called implantation bleeding. This occurs in the moment when the fertilized egg gets implanted in the lining of the uterus. The discharge is supposed to appear 6-12 days after fertilization takes place.

Generally speaking, implantation bleeding is lighter than a regular period. The color of it could vary between pink and brown and it lasts for only a few days. The majority of women say that it isn’t really a flow, but a smear or stain. If it has a bright color it means that implantation took place a short while ago.

On the other hand the darker colored discharge means that implantation took place a few days ago. In case the discharge while being pregnant comes with tissue or clots that aren’t normal, you should seek some medical help.


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