Tips and Suggestions on Dressing after Pregnancy

Dressing after pregnancy can be a little bit of a confusing task. The clothes that you used to wear before getting pregnant may most probably not fit you yet whereas the clothes that you wore during pregnancy may be too large for you. Hence, it is important to understand your current body type and dress accordingly. The following are some of the tips which will help you dress nicely after you have given birth.

Dressing after Pregnancy

  • One of the most important tips to dressing after pregnancy till the time you get back in the pre pregnancy size is to measure your size and figure out what size clothes will fit you at this moment. Only after figuring this out can you proceed onto buying the right clothes.
  • One of the clothing essential that you will need after pregnancy is good pair of jeans. Since your body has changed in a lot of ways after pregnancy, you may need to select jeans that is not too tight or hard to fit and is also not too loose or uncomfortable. Buy straight jeans with a waist size that is easy to fit into. If you like to buy other kinds of lowers like trousers or skirts, make sure you get a slightly lose fit one and nothing too uncomfortable.
  • Buying shirts or tops after pregnancy is another important part of dressing up right. At this stage, tops which leave a little room on the tummy area will work just fine.  You can also buy tunics, sweaters or shirts. Since you will have to baby feed your new born several times a day, get tops which are easy to unbutton such as shirts.  Moreover, shirts and tunics can work a great deal to hide the stomach area which has probably not gone back to its pre pregnancy size.
  • Dressing up in black after pregnancy, especially when you are headed out for a party or a social gathering is a great idea. The little black dress must definitely be a part of your wardrobe as it would make you look slimmer and will go well with your figure type.  Accessorize the dress with colorful belts or scarfs if you wish to add a little splash of color.
  • Getting the right footwear is an essential part of the overall dressing up. Do not wear very uncomfortable footwear straight after childbirth. You will most probably be carrying your baby on most occasions and hence comfortable footwear like slippers, short wedge sandals and shoes are recommended.
  • If you like adding accessories to your dresses, you can opt for a wide belt. This belt will not only make you look slim on the waist area but also acts as an eye catching piece of accessory.
  • You will also need to buy post pregnancy lingerie as it is highly likely that you size is still fluctuating between pre pregnancy and pregnancy period.
  • Avoid wearing too many hand accessories or rings after pregnancy as they may hurt the baby.

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