How Soon Should You Be Driving After C-Section?

For sure you know that a C-section is a serious surgery and you shouldn’t rush your recovery. This is why some women are so interested in how long they should wait before they can start driving after C-section. According to official information women should wait about three weeks.

Driving After C-Section

What do the doctors say about driving after caesarean section?

In the majority of the cases doctors say that women should wait about 3 weeks before driving again. However there are some doctors who say that first women should try sitting in a car and stomp the breaks. Only after they are comfortable doing that they should start turning and doing other movements that are required during driving.

When thinking about driving after having a C section you should know that the doctors don’t set this waiting period to annoy you but to make sure that your scars have healed. If you can do all the movements without experiencing any pain you are ready to drive again.

The experience of new mothers

Driving after C-section is an interesting topic for all women. Some of them didn’t wait 3 weeks to start driving again. There are some women who returned to driving after only two weeks and five days. Before starting driving you should make sure that your reflexes are working as they should to avoid possible accidents.

On the other hand, there were some women who started diving after having a caesarean section even sooner, about after two weeks and a day. Keep in mind that this period of time varies from one woman to the other, and the climate factors may also have a word to say in the matter.


Although theoretically women could start driving after C-section after about 3 weeks, some doctors say that they should wait 4 weeks before sitting behind the steering wheel. After two weeks women usually have an appointment. If they are feeling alright by then and they aren’t taking any pain killers, they will be allowed to drive.

Super moms

Generally, when it comes to driving and C-section, it takes about 2-3 weeks for women to return to this activity. However there are some super women who can return to in less than two weeks. Such women usually don’t feel any pain caused by the operation, only some discomfort.


In some cases driving after C-section isn’t an option but a necessity. This means that if it was up to them, women would have waited more, but the circumstances forced them to drive. In this case driving is alright if you feel comfortable with the motions and you can do everything you could before.

What to consider?

When thinking about C-section and driving you don’t necessarily have to listen to your doctor. The main point is not to be on any pain killers and to be able to perform the full range of motions connected to driving.

If you are asking when will you be driving after C-section you should consider that in about 2-3 weeks’ time you will be on the road again.


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