What Are the Odds of Fertility After Miscarriage?

It is normal that couples find it difficult to deal with a miscarriage.

In some cases women are told that fertility after miscarriage increases.

Although you might think that this is an old wives’ tale, it is surprising to find out that there is some truth in it.

Fertility After Miscarriage

Progesterone and fertility after miscarriage

It is undeniable that a woman is more fertile right after a miscarriage because her progesterone levels are still relatively high. This is the hormone that supports pregnancy and that makes proper implantation possible. The hormone levels rise when women become pregnant.

When thinking about miscarriage and fertility you should know that it takes a while for the pregnancy hormone levels to return to normal. This is why the fertility of women rises right after a miscarriage. In this case fertility is all about the progesterone levels.

Experts’ opinion

The fact that fertility after miscarriage is more elevated is accepted by the professionals. They believe that it takes about six weeks for the hormones to return to normal after the miscarriage. In this time the ovulation of women also becomes regular again and they could be thinking about another pregnancy.

No pregnancy

Although the doctors are aware of the fact that women are more fertile after a miscarriage, they still recommend not to get pregnant again in this period of time. The body of women needs time to heal. According to official information women should wait for 2-3 menstrual cycles before trying again to get pregnant.

In this time the endometrial lining will rebuild after the fertility after miscarriage and the hormone levels will become normal again. If you don’t wait for this recovery time, it is possible that you will have another miscarriage, just like the previous time.


Some of the doctors, when it comes to fertility after losing a baby, say that it is better to take progesterone supplements before trying again to increase the chances of conception. This suggests that the hormone levels don’t affect positively the fertility of women after a miscarriage.

However the fertility after miscarriage can be higher if the woman in question had slightly elevated progesterone levels to start with. This is a question that is still debated and the specialists cannot reach a generally accepted conclusion.

A decrease of fertility

After losing a baby the fertility could even decrease because of the emotional disturbance and stress that women have to go through in such cases. It is important for women to be able to handle their grief and to take time to heal both emotionally and physically before trying again. This way she can increase her chances of getting pregnant.

If you have to be thinking about fertility after miscarriage you should forget about statistics and other official data; just focus on yourself. Before you can think about another life, you have to be in peace with your own life. You must be able to accept the situation and to move on with your life, trying again and being prepared to raise a family.


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