Is It Safe to Fly During Pregnancy

If you are asking whether is it safe to fly during pregnancy you should know that in the majority of the cases it is safe for pregnant women with healthy pregnancies to fly with commercial airlines.

Nonetheless it is best to talk to your health care provider before you get on a plane.

Fly During PregnancyComplications

The women who have different kinds of complications, such as sickle cell disease, placental insufficiency or clotting disorders should avoid flying because this could make the complication even worse.

It is possible for your doctor to suggest you don’t travel after the 36th week of pregnancy if he suspects that you could have a preterm delivery.

In case your doctor says that it is alright for you to fly during pregnancy and you have a flexible schedule, it is best to be traveling in the middle of your pregnancy, during weeks 14-28. This is because during this period women feel best and the chances of premature labor and miscarriage are very low in this period.

Tips for flying

The first thing that you should do is to check the policy of the airline before traveling. Some of the companies have strict rules regarding pregnant women. Also it is important to be careful when choosing the seat. For you to be as comfortable as possible, you should opt for the aisle seat.

It is important to use the seatbelt, and when your belly is growing you should fasten below your abdomen and across your thigh. Good circulation is also important, and for this you should try to take occasional walks down the aisle. If you need to stay seated, try to flex your ankles as often as you can.

As you can see, flying while being pregnant can be a pleasant experience if you make sure that everything will be alright.


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