Gender Ultrasound – What Does It Mean?

The parents have the possibility to find out the gender of the baby even before he or she is born.

This is done by gender ultrasound. If you choose to do this, you will have an ultrasound for this purpose in the middle of your pregnancy.

Scientifically it is known as fetal anatomy survey and it is also used for checking for anomalies.

Gender Ultrasound

Information about the ultrasound for gender

This ultrasound is usually performed between weeks 18 and 22. A lot of families rely on this information to find out the gender of the baby. The accuracy of the results depends on various factors, such as the baby’s age, the technician, the equipment used and how cooperative the baby is.

Girl theory

When thinking about the ultrasound for gender determination you always have to think that the results may not be accurate. Sometimes the technician can’t see a penis and so you are told that you will have a girl. Naturally having a girl is a lot more than just the absence of the penis.

Hamburger sign

When performing a gender ultrasound the technician is supposed to be looking for girl genitalia. If these are visible, they are known as the ‘hamburger sign’. This is because the clitoris is between the labia and it looks like a hamburger.

Turtle sign

During the gender determination with ultrasound the technician could be looking for a boy and in this case he or she is searching for the turtle sign. This sign refers to the fact that the tip of the penis is poking out from between the testicles.

Erect penis

If you are thinking about having a gender ultrasound you should be prepared to see that your baby boy has an erection inside the womb. If this happens it will be very easy for the technician to determine the gender of the baby. Although this is somewhat weird, you shouldn’t think that it’s not normal. Little boys have erections even when they are still in the uterus.

It’s all about age

In case you are thinking about gender and ultrasound you should know that the technicians are always trying to tell the parents the gender of the baby as soon as possible. The truth is that the sooner you are told the gender of the baby, the higher the chances are for the technician to be wrong.

It is good to know about gender ultrasound that the ultrasound done before the 18 offers a great risk of mistaking the male genitalia with female genitalia. This is because the penis is of about the size of a clitoris at this age, not matter how strange this might sound. During this time is hard to tell and the technicians only make an educated guess.

3D ultrasound

The truth about ultrasound and gender is that the appearance of 3D ultrasound made a great change regarding the way the baby is seen in the womb.

A gender ultrasound isn’t always accurate, but usually the results are reliable.


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