Getting Ready for Baby Checklist – What to Expect?

Having a new baby around is never easy, but you can make sure that things will go smoothly if you come up with a getting ready for baby checklist in time.

There are some things that you need to buy and there are some things that you need to do even before the little one arrives.

Getting Ready for Baby Checklist

Installing the car seat as part of the checklist for the baby

One of the most important pieces of baby gear is the car seat. Usually the hospitals don’t let you take the baby until you have one. You could install it right now and so you will have time to make sure that it is installed properly.

A trip to the drugstore

When thinking about the baby’s checklist you should think about all the items that you will need right after you give birth, such as maxi pads, baby wipes, diapers, and laundry detergent. Some other products you will need are stool softener or laxative and rubber gloves that you can fill with ice.

Stocking the kitchen

If you preparing the getting ready for baby checklist most probably you have the nesting instinct. You should channel all this energy towards the kitchen. Prepare some meals that you can freeze so you will have some food when the baby will keep you busy. Also get some snacks like dried fruits and granola bars.


The preparations for the baby checklist should also include you calling in reinforcements. Every woman can use some help in the first couple of weeks. If your family members offer to help, you should accept their help. You could also think about cleaning help and getting a babysitter for the other kids.

Planning for the family

In case you are getting ready for baby checklist you should figure out who will babysit the kids while you are in the hospital and you should tell them about the plan. If they will be staying with relatives or friends you should help them pack and tuck in a surprise for them.

Pet sitter

With all the preparations for the checklist of the baby it is easy to forget about the family pet. Ask someone in advance to feed him and walk him. When the time comes you should call the given person again to make sure that he or she won’t forget.


When you are getting ready for baby checklist you have to make sure that the car always has enough fuel. On the other hand, if you will call a taxi you should try the services of the company in advance to make sure that they are reliable and fast.


Getting ready for the checklist of the baby isn’t difficult if you think of everything in advance. On the big day you don’t want to think about which highway is closed. You should take a trip to the hospital at least once and come up with a backup route.

There are a lot of aspects to consider when it comes to getting ready for baby checklist.


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