A Perfect Guide to Buy Clothes for a Newborn Baby

All your life you have been buying clothes for your own self but when it comes to buying clothes for your new born, you ought to be a little confused. From a distance, buying clothes for little babies might seem like an exciting task but when it actually comes to buying them, many parents are spoilt for choice, considering the whole gamut of options out there in the market. But you must remember that baby clothes needs to be selected very carefully and smartly as the skin is of the baby is very delicate and sensitive and moreover these clothes are expensive as well.  The following is a guide which will help you buy clothes for a newborn baby smartly:

tips to buy clothes for newborn

  • The first thing to remember before going newborn baby shopping is that your little one is expected to outgrow all clothes very swiftly in the initial few years and hence you must make wise choices.  The baby grows very fast in the first year and hence do not buy too many clothes for this particular year.
  • If you are someone who doesn’t know the sex of the baby in advance, then opt for those colors which will suit both a baby girl and a baby boy.
  • When you are buying clothes for a new born baby, make it a point to buy size of 3-6 month old baby rather than going for clothes for even smaller kids.
  • Undershirts-you will need to buy about 4-6 undershirts, which can be either short sleeved or long sleeved, depending upon the climate of where you live. Buy those undershirts are tie on the back or snap on the back side as they are easier to get on the little one.
  • Onesies-you will need to purchase about 7-10 onesies. These are basically one-piece cotton clothing’s for the newborn which can either be long or short sleeved.  These snap at the crotch area.
  • Infant gowns-about 3-4 infant gowns should be enough for your newborn baby, atleast for the initial few weeks.  These gowns even cover your baby’s feet and keep it warm. Some of the gowns also have mittens attached to them and you can buy 1-2 of those.
  • Stretch suits/sleepers- your newborn baby will need about 3-6 one piece sleepers for the nighttime.  Prefer buying sleepers that have built in feet in them to keep the baby very warm and cozy.
  • Booties/socks-about 3-4 pairs of booties or socks should be enough for the first few weeks.  Make sure that the socks or booties that you buy are loose enough so that the baby can stretch his/her toes inside them.  You won’t need to buy shoes for your baby until he/she learns walking.
  • Caps/hats/bonnets-purchase 2 hats/caps/bonnets for your newborn baby to keep him/her warm and cozy.  The bonnets are designed to keep the baby protected from the sun whereas the caps or hats can even be used when the baby is indoors.
  • Blanket sleepers or sweaters-depending upon the temperature of where you live, the baby will need 1-2 blanket sleepers and sweaters for colder places.


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