Hair Dye and Pregnancy – How to Make the Safe Choice?

The women who usually dye their hair during pregnancy may be wondering about hair dye and pregnancy. Although there is only little evidence in this field, this suggests that there are no threats related to hair dye. The same result is indicated by the animal studies as well.

Hair Dye and Pregnancy

Information about pregnancy and hair dye

Until this point there were no reports suggesting that hair dye may have negative effects on a pregnancy even though there are a lot of women who dye their hair in this period of their lives. According to official information, there is only very little hair dye absorbed into the system of women.


In case you are concerned about using hair dye during pregnancy, the best thing you could do is to wait until the second trimester. This is because during this time the baby is less sensitive to external factors. Another idea is to give up dying the hair completely and opt for highlighting, frosting, streaking or painting.

These kinds of processes are safer when it comes to hair dye and pregnancy because they don’t require your scalp to get in contact with dye, and so there is no way for the chemicals to be absorbed. Remember that there is need for the dye to get in contact with your skin for it to be absorbed.

Vegetable dyes

You should know that using vegetable hair dye when being pregnant is better than the synthetic dyes that are filled with chemicals. Nonetheless you have to make sure that you check the ingredients of the ‘natural’ products. It is possible for the ingredients to include some synthetic ones as well.

When considering hair dye during pregnancy you should know that the ‘natural’ products could also include ingredients that the manufacturers use in their semipermanent and permanent hair dyes such as dihydroxybenzene, p-phenylenediamine, and aminophenol.

Pure henna

If you are thinking about using hair dye while being pregnant, you could be thinking about this semipermanent vegetable dye that has been used for thousands of years and that is considered to be safe. Nonetheless henna could also have some disadvantages. For instance it is quite messy to work with.

Another disadvantage of this kind of hair dye and pregnancy is that it may have an orange hue that you might not like, not to mention that you have to leave it on for longer periods of time. If henna offers another color, it is possible that the product contains some synthetic ingredients.

Sometimes the pregnant women’s hair dye made of henna is said to be fast acting. If this is the case it is possible that the product contains metallic compounds that could turn out to be risky for you and for the baby. However this doesn’t mean that you have to forget about dying your hair during pregnancy.

Now you can see that there are some options for hair dye while pregnancy, but you have to be really careful about the products that you use because they could turn out to be harmful.


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