Is Heartburn a Sign of Pregnancy?

Is heartburn a sign of pregnancy? When thinking about pregnancy, one of the most common signs that you could have in mind is heartburn.

If you are interested in heartburn and pregnancy you should know that in this period the hormones make the smooth muscles relax as well as the valve between the stomach and the gullet, and as a result digestion slows down.

Heartburn Sign of Pregnancy

Consequently it is possible for acid to get back into the esophagus from the stomach leading to pain and an acidy taste in your mouth.

As the pregnancy evolves the situation gets worse because the growing uterus is pushing all the organs upwards.

What to do about it

If you are affected by heartburn during pregnancy there are some things that you could do, such as sleeping in a slightly elevated position and avoiding large meals.

Instead of having three large meals per day you should go for six smaller meals.

Training and stooping in this period isn’t a good idea. To make you feel better you should opt for the loose fitted clothes.

Some people say that women should be sleeping with their feet elevated. The truth is that there is no point in this.

Besides the strategies that have been mentioned before you could also take some anti-acid medication such as magnesium trisilicate, Gastrocote or Gaviscon. These are said to be safe during pregnancy.

The medication that has been mentioned can be found in just any pharmacy in the form of tablets or liquid and there is no need for a prescription.

There is no reason for women to keep suffering in silence if there are so many things to do to make them feel better.

If you are suffering from heartburn while being pregnant you should know that you aren’t the only one and you should ask your doctor about the problem.


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