How Soon to Take a Pregnancy Test?

If you are asking how soon can I take a pregnancy test for sure you know that if you take the test too soon, the results that you will get will be inaccurate.

According to professionals you can get the most accurate results only after you had your first missed period.

How Soon to Take a Pregnancy Test

Information about when to take a pregnancy test

All the tests that you can find on the market will offer an accurate result after this time. Naturally if you were trying for some time, you may find it difficult to wait that long. You could take the test sooner. However, if you get a negative result that doesn’t mean that it is sure that you aren’t pregnant.

You can’t know for sure whether you are pregnant or not until your menstrual period is due. If you are asking when to have a pregnancy test remember that every woman is different and their bodies work in different ways. This is why the conception process can vary from one woman to the other.

Basic information regarding conception

When you are asking how early can I take a pregnancy test keep in mind that implantation usually takes place a few days after fertilization. It is even possible that it takes a week for the egg to get attached to the endometrium. This is the moment when the body starts producing human chorionic gonadotropin.

How do the pregnancy tests work?

In case you are asking about the time of a pregnancy test you should know that these tests work by measuring the hCG levels of the urine or a variation of this, H-hCG. The hCG hormone is only produced after the embryo gets implanted into the uterus. On the other hand, H-hCG is produced earlier, around the time of fertilization.

Early result tests

If you happen to be asking how soon can you take a pregnancy test, for sure you have heard about those tests that promise an accurate result a few days before the menstrual period. Remember that in case of these tests it is assumed that the luteal phase lasts for 14 days.

However, regarding the question how fast can you take a pregnancy test it is possible that you have a luteal phase of 9 days and in this case it is way too soon for you to take the test. On the other hand, you might also have a longer luteal phase and in this case you have higher chances of getting an accurate result.

99% accuracy and how early can you take a pregnancy test

You could be asking how fast can I take the pregnancy test and think about the fact that the majority of the tests are considered to be 99% accurate. This accuracy refers to the tests taken on the day of your missed period, not earlier. Also this accuracy can be achieved only in laboratory settings.

Now you know how soon to take a pregnancy test. An early negative result doesn’t necessarily mean that you aren’t pregnant.


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