Best Info on How to Conceive a Girl

There are some couples who would give everything to have a girl.

If this is your case you may be asking how to conceive a girl.

The truth is that there is no method that would ensure that you will have a girl. The chances are always 50%. Nonetheless there are some methods that are believed to increase your chances.

How to Conceive a Girl

The Shettles method for conceiving a little girl

The basis of this method is that the sperms that come with an X chromosome are faster than the ones that carry the Y chromosome. As a result, according to this method the couples should have intercourse starting with the end of a woman’s period until about three days before the beginning of the next period.

In case you would like to know more about girl conception it is good to know that you should have intercourse using the missionary position so the sperm will be deposited closer to the cervix. Shettles believes that it is best if the woman doesn’t have an orgasm because in this case the environment might be more favorable for the sperm with the Y chromosome.

O+12 way

When it comes to having a girl you should know that this method was created by a mother who wished to have a girl after having 6 boys. According to her it is best to have intercourse 12 hours after your ovulation. She used the Shettles method in her previous pregnancies without any success.

Even if you are in her situation when trying for a girl, you shouldn’t get frustrated or stressed. She used her own information to create her own method. When she used this new method she managed to give birth to the girl that she wanted so much.

Whelan method

If you would like to have a girl you should know that this method isn’t as popular as the Shettles method and it offers contradictory information.

According to this method if you wish to give birth to a girl it is better to use the old fashioned methods. This means that you are supposed to have intercourse closer to your ovulation. In case you are interested in this method you should read the book of Dr. Whelan.

Chinese conception chart and conceive a baby girl

This is a popular method among the parents who want to have a daughter. The method was discovered over 700 years ago in Beijing. The basis of the method is to make the connection between the age of the mother and the month that the baby is conceived in. According to some of the studies this chart is about 90% accurate. However there is no proof that the method is better than any other method.

In case you are asking how to conceive a baby girl it is good to know that there is no method that would guarantee that you will actually have a girl.


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