How to Get Rid of a Post C-section Belly This Summer

The post C-section belly is a nightmare for all the new moms that by their will or not underwent a C-section. Usually because the tummy muscles take longer to heal after a C-section, mothers face the unpleasant situation when they have to wait longer than they expected to get back in shape.

How to Get Rid of a Post C-section Belly This Summer


Nerve Damage

Most women expect the worse after C-section. Because the muscles in the area underwent a major surgical intervention you can expect that the nerves in the area will need some time to heal. This can prevent you from getting the tummy muscles back in shape before six months.

Fat Tissue

Most moms have a layer of body fat in the tummy area which becomes even more prominent in case of a C-section. This area tends to look swollen because of the water retention and this is why in the morning the tummy looks a lot smaller than in the evening.

Fatigue and Stress

Motherhood comes with sleepless nights and stressful situations. In case of the mothers who had a C-section these maternity issues will prevent immediate weight loss in the tummy area.

Dietary Tips

The basic dietary tips for moms that gave birth through cesarean are extremely simple especially in case they are breastfeeding.  You simply have to eat less than you used to eat while being pregnant, keep the diet as light as possible and drink a lot of water to allow the fat deposits to melt and convert into energy.

A low fat diet rich in fruit, vegetables and light dairy is the ideal choice. You are allowed to eat meat but stick to white meat like chicken and fish and choose grilled over roasted or fried meat.

The Workout to Remove the C-section Tummy

You will need your doctor’s approval to start working out post C-section, but when you do it is wise to start with a light exercise and work gradually towards the routine that can reshape your midsection.

Pilates, yoga and basic crunches are ideal for getting back in shape but the road towards a flat belly and toned abdomen muscles is quite a long and difficult one.

Keep in mind not to strain yourself on the quest of fitting a pre pregnancy pair of jeans but rather set realistic standards and stick to an exercise program regardless how tired you feel.

Running, swimming or simply walking the baby are part of the recommended cardio exercises doctors approve for C-section patients.


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