Is Ibuprofen Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Ibuprofen safe during pregnancy? The truth about ibuprofen and pregnancy is that it won’t do any harm to the baby, but according to the majority of the doctors it is best not to have it during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester.

Just as in any other case the FDA associates the drug with a pregnancy risk category.

Ibuprofen During Pregnancy

In this case the drug is said to have category D during the last trimester.

This means that if you take it at the later stages of pregnancy it is very likely that it will harm the baby. The good news is that this category isn’t applied during the earlier stages.

Remember that the FDA is moving on to a new system and there could be some misunderstandings regarding the classification of the drugs.

This is why it is important for the doctors to consider the available evidence and make suggestions accordingly.

When thinking about taking ibuprofen during pregnancy you should know that there wasn’t much research done in the field of pregnancy and the drug, but a lot of studies have been conducted regarding taking the drug in combination with other drugs from the same family.

There are many different reasons for which it isn’t recommended to take ibuprofen during the third trimester.

One of the reasons is that the drug could make a passage of the baby’s heart close too soon and this could lead to lung or heart damage or even death.

In the same time, taking drugs of this kind during the last weeks is also associated with low levels of amniotic fluid. It is also possible that drugs of this kind prolong or delay labor.

As you can see, it isn’t such a good idea to take ibuprofen while being pregnant because the negative effects outweigh the positive ones.


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