Is Insomnia a Sign of Pregnancy?

There are a lot of factors that can lead to insomnia. For instance stress is one of these factors.

Besides stress it is also possible that you started taking some new kind of medication that involves insomnia as one of the side effects. But can insomnia be a sign of pregnancy?

Insomnia Sign of PregnancyExperience, not science

There are a lot of women who say that insomnia can be a nonspecific sign of pregnancy. They base their opinion on their personal experience.

A lot of mothers say that they were tossing and turning all night during the early stages of pregnancy and they were simply unable to sleep.

The disadvantage of insomnia is that it would wake you up early in the morning but would make you feel very tired at noon.

Others say that they could only nap during the day but couldn’t sleep during the night. It is believed that all this chaos is caused by the pregnancy hormones that affect every aspect of women’s life.

What to do about insomnia and pregnancy?

If you find yourself spending all night with trying to find a comfortable spot, you should make sure to stay away from soft drinks, chocolate, tea and coffee and also try not to have any food after 8 or 9 in the night. This is because in some cases if women eat before they go to sleep, it prevents them from falling asleep.

In the same time caffeine could also have a word to say, and so you should try to avoid all sources of it, not only coffee. To have energy during the day, you should have a nap at all occasions when you have the possibility.

Now you know more about insomnia while being pregnant and you also know what to do when it strikes to have energy.


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