Is Acne a Sign of Pregnancy? Get the Facts

We all know that during pregnancy the hormones are making quite a mess and according to 65% of all pregnant women, they have to ask is acne a sign of pregnancy? Nonetheless it is good to know that not all women are affected by acne. Some women notice that their acne gets better during pregnancy.

Is Acne a Sign of Pregnancy

Why does pregnancy acne become visible?

The specialists believe that the sebaceous glands are activated to produce more sebum (or oil). This can be caused by an increase in the levels of the male hormones or by the androgen receptors’ increased sensitivity. All women produce androgens in their adrenal glands and ovaries so the balance of the hormones can be altered during pregnancy.

The truth about acne during pregnancy is that it is enough for the skin to have more oil for acne to become worse. For some reason the skin surrounding the hair follicles doesn’t slough off as it should and so the hair follicle pores can get clogged, resulting in whiteheads and blackheads.

If you are asking is acne a sign of pregnancy, it is good to know that in this case the sebum backs up and it gets eaten by the bacteria that can be normally found on the skin. As a result you will get a red bump that is irritated. There is also an immune reaction that leads to pus formation.

Why you?

As it has been mentioned before regarding acne when being pregnant, there are some women who actually manage to get rid of acne during their pregnancy. Acne is the worst during the first trimester. After this the estrogen levels increase and your acne could disappear completely.

In case you are asking is acne a sign of pregnancy, you should know that this could be a symptom. Those women are more likely to be affected who had breakouts before their periods as well.  As you may know, the hormone levels make your skin become oilier. This is known as the pregnancy glow.

The bad news about acne while being pregnant is that the pimples not only appear on your face, but on your body also. Although it may seem trivial to worry about pimples when a baby is on the way, this could have a high impact on the self-esteem of women.


Now that you have asked is acne a sign of pregnancy, you might not want to run off to the pharmacy and buy the first medication that you get your hands on. The over the counter products are considered to be possibly dangerous for the baby and so they should be avoided.

The best thing you can do about pregnant women’s acne is to talk to your health care provider and to ask for his or her opinion regarding safe treatment methods. It may help to wash your face a couple of times per day with oil free cleanser.

Now you know the answer to the question is acne a sign of pregnancy and you should remember that this isn’t a serious problem.


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