Is Cloudy Urine a Sign of Pregnancy?

A lot of women are worried about the urine coloration while being pregnant, but is cloudy urine a sign of pregnancy? It is true, it can be one of the signs of pregnancy.

Nonetheless there are many other things as well that could lead to cloudy urine.

Being pregnant

If you are really pregnant it is very likely to have cloudy urine. This is because there is more protein in the urine than before and after pregnancy.

Cloudy Urine a Sign of Pregnancy

A lot of women noticed a change regarding their urine. In some cases these changes lasted for their entire pregnancy. Usually the doctors say that this isn’t anything to be worried about.

Not being pregnant

As it has been mentioned before, it is possible to have cloudy urine because of something else, besides pregnancy.

One of the options is that you have a urinary tract infection and it is the bacteria that are making the urine cloudy.

In the same time it is also possible to have too much sugar in your urine. This happens if you have a large meal or if your body isn’t able to process sugar as it is supposed to. During pregnancy this is known as gestational diabetes.

If you think you have cloudy urine, the best thing you could possibly do is to get tested to make sure that you are truly pregnant.

The women who notice changes of this kind should be checked every time they see their doctor to see whether there are bacteria present.

Preventing cloudy urine

It is also possible for the urine to be a little concentrated if you don’t drink enough fluids. The mucus membranes also produce more leucorrhea. If this gets into the urine it could make it cloudy.

Now you know the reasons for having cloudy urine while being pregnant. This isn’t a sign that you should be worried about.


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