Is Diarrhea a Sign of Pregnancy? Find Out the Answer

There are a lot of people asking “is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy?” If you are one of them you should know that it isn’t as well-known as morning sickness, but it is just as natural and normal. This symptom is a relatively common one, but people don’t really pay much attention to it.

Is Diarrhea a Sign of Pregnancy

Information about diarrhea as a sign of pregnancy

The truth is that this is a really bothersome symptom during pregnancy and besides this symptom, there are a lot of others that you have to cope with. In the same time you also have to think about the ramifications of diarrhea. As a result of diarrhea you could lose a lot of nutrients and you might also become dehydrated.

What causes diarrhea during pregnancy?

Usually this symptom is caused by the hormonal fluctuations that are normal during a healthy pregnancy. Another cause of diarrhea can be the food cravings. In some cases women crave foods that aren’t exactly good for them. These foods can be too sour or too salty.

In the same time when asking ‘is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy’ you should know that if you make changes in your diet because of the food cravings, you are more likely to end up with having diarrhea. It is also possible that you are constipated. If this is the case, you might get diarrhea as a body’s response to your problem.

What to do?

In other cases the cause of having diarrhea when being pregnant is a more worrisome one, because it can also be caused by viral, parasitic or bacterial infections. When you notice diarrhea you will have to drink even more water than before so that you won’t get dehydrated.

It is best if you drink a lot of natural and fresh fruit juices when looking for the answer to the question is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy. This is important because they contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins. The oral dehydration solutions could also be good and you may think about electrolytes as well.

In order to treat diarrhea while being pregnant you should be thinking about making some dietary changes. Opt for those foods that promote binding in the stomach like brown rice, apples and bananas. Make sure that you have a balanced diet and that you have the right daily fluid intake.

The experiences of women

When asking is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy you should know that a lot of women claimed to have experienced diarrhea during their pregnancy, especially during the early stages. This symptom can also be accompanied by cramping. Sometimes women don’t even know that they are pregnant when they experience this symptom.

No matter how inappropriate it may sound, in the majority of the cases the pregnancy diarrhea has a greenish black color and women get really weakened by it. If you also experience something of the sort you should talk to your doctor.

Now you know the answer to the question whether is diarrhea a sign of pregnancy. Make sure you are prepared to cope with it if it appears in your case.


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