Is Dizziness a Sign of Pregnancy?

If you are dizzy you may wonder is dizziness a sign of pregnancy?

When thinking about dizziness and pregnancy it is possible to experience the symptom during the first trimester but the majority of women experience it during the later stages.

Dizziness Sign of PregnancyAlthough dizziness can be a symptom of pregnancy, it isn’t considered to be a classic symptom.

The classic signs include missed periods, vomiting, nausea, breast tenderness and an urge to use the bathroom more often.

What causes dizziness?

Because of the pregnancy hormones the blood vessels widen and relax. This way the blood flow to the baby is higher, but the blood flow to the mother is lower.

As a result the blood pressure of the mother decreases and women could be suffering from dizziness every now and then.

Another cause of dizziness during pregnancy could be the blood sugar level. There are some changes in these levels because of the changes that go on in your metabolism.

The anemic women and those who are affected by varicose veins are more prone to having dizziness in this period.

In the second trimester, it is possible to experience dizziness because the growing belly puts more pressure on the veins. During the later stages of pregnancy, dizziness could occur if women lie on their back. This is because the weight puts pressure on the vena cava.

What to do

When it comes to dizziness while being pregnant you should make sure that you don’t stand on your feet for longer periods of time. If you have to, try to move around a bit to improve blood circulation on the lower extremities. In the same time you should make sure to have regular meals to maintain the right levels of blood sugar.


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