Is Fainting a Sign of Pregnancy?

When pregnant you have to consider dizziness as a symptom.

If you do that, you may also ask is fainting a sign of pregnancy? It is a known fact that the pregnancy hormones cause many different changes in the body, such as dilating the blood vessels, leading to dizziness. Also because of this, pregnant women usually have low blood pressure.

Fainting a Sign of PregnancyAs a result of all the changes it is common for women to feel lightheaded. This happens very often when they get up from a lying or sitting position very fast. In movies you could see many scenes when women faint and they later find out that they are pregnant. In reality fainting occurs very rarely.

Warning sign

In case a woman loses her consciousness, it is a serious warning sign and she should be checked out by a doctor. In the same time it is also a good idea to take a look at the medical history of the woman in question. It is possible that there will be no logical explanation, but it is best to rule out as many possibilities as you can.

If you experience fainting during pregnancy you should have a blood count to make sure that you aren’t anemic or that you aren’t affected by a thyroid dysfunction. This is something that you could bring to the attention of your doctor.

What to do about it?

As it has been mentioned before, you have to be careful when standing up. Make the movements slowly. This is especially important when you are getting out of the bathtub.

Some of the women are used to sleeping on their back. This is a bad idea during the second and third trimester because the uterus presses against the main veins, preventing blood to reach all parts of the body. To avoid fainting while being pregnant it is best to lie on your side.


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