Is Honey Safe During Pregnancy

Usually honey is considered to be healthy, but is honey safe during pregnancy?

This suspicion comes from the fact that the flora of the intestine of the babies younger than 1 year can’t break down the botulism spores that could be found in honey.

Women and honey

Honey During pregnancyThe gastrointestinal tract of pregnant women is completely able to break down these spores and so they will become harmless. The spores are killed in the intestines and so they have no chance of reaching the bloodstream. This way they will never reach the baby.

This means that it is safe to have honey during your pregnancy. The truth is that some of the doctors still think that their patients shouldn’t have honey. Nonetheless this is an important source of vitamins and nutrients and honey is also known to boost the immune system of pregnant women. They really need this because they are more prone to get infected by different kinds of illnesses.

Having honey during pregnancy

Although generally speaking honey shouldn’t have any negative effects on the health of women, it is best to make sure that it comes from a safe source and it hasn’t been contaminated. The best thing about honey is that women could have it during their entire pregnancy if they like it.

It is said that in case women have honey with garlic at the later stages of pregnancy they can prevent the group B strep. It is best if the honey is raw and local and it is even better if there is also some propolis in it which is healthy too.

If you like it, you could have honey while being pregnant. Theoretically there is no such thing as having too much of it, but it is best to have it moderately, just in case.


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