Is Painting Safe During Pregnancy?

A lot of women ask if painting is safe during pregnancy. This is because they are usually looking forward to decorate the nursery or they have a job that requires them to work with paint.

In the majority of cases the risks of such activities harming the baby are quite small, still it is better to discuss it with your doctor.

Painting During PregnancyEffects

The truth is that the majority of the paints come with many different kinds of chemicals.

The doctors don’t really know whether the solvents and oils used in these products are safe for pregnant women. In the same time it is not known what amount of exposure is too much.

According to some of the studies conducted in this field, the exposure to some of the solvents and chemicals could lead to birth defects.

These include intestinal problems. For this reason the doctors suggest pregnant women not to spend too much time exposed to harsh chemicals.

Considerations regarding painting during pregnancy

If you have to work with paint on a daily basis because of your work or hobby you should ask your doctor whether it is safe for you.

In case you want to decorate the nursery you have to consider whether you want to do it on your own or you prefer someone else to get the job done.

It is said that it is alright to be exposed to paint from time to time. Nonetheless the majority of women prefer to avoid situations of this kind because the effects of pain on the baby are still unknown.


In case it is a must for you to paint while being pregnant you have to make sure that the room you are in is well ventilated. It is best to have all the doors and windows opened to maximize the ventilation.


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