Is Thirst a Sign of Pregnancy?

If you are asking is thirst a sign of pregnancy, you should know that there are many other health issues causing thirst, so thirst is one of the nonspecific signs of pregnancy.

Still if you experience a sudden appearance of thirst, it could be one of the first signs of pregnancy that you can see.

Thirst Sign of PregnancyInformation about this pregnancy symptom

The specialists say that thirst could appear because the blood volume of the body increases by 50% during pregnancy.

During the first trimester the increase is of 30%, which is a major change. This is why there are a lot of women who feel like they are thirsty all the time.

In the same time you could also feel like you are tired all day. This happens because the body has to work hard in order to produce all that blood.

The truth is that the body can produce the liquid part of the blood faster than hemoglobin, and so you could have a kind of anemic response. This is something normal and later and body will produce the hemoglobin as well.

First-hand experience

It is very common to experience thirst during pregnancy. A lot of women say that this was their first pregnancy symptom and it lasts longer than people would think.

There are some women saying that they are already in their 16th week of pregnancy and they are still feeling thirsty all the time.

There is no problem with drinking a lot of water because it is said that it is best to stay well hydrated during pregnancy. This symptom only makes sure that you don’t forget about the advice of doctors to drink plenty of water and other kinds of fluids.

Now you may see that thirst while being pregnant is absolutely normal and it could really be a sign of pregnancy.


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