Is Tylenol PM Safe During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy it is best to avoid all kinds of medications and take them only after your doctor agrees to it.

So is Tylenol PM safe during pregnancy? When it comes to Tylenol PM and pregnancy the studies suggest that it is safe to be taken but only rarely and in small doses.

Still there might be some effects that concern your baby.

Tylenol PM


It is a well-known fact that the medication comes with acetaminophen and this can get through the human placenta.

No matter what your doctor recommends, in the end it is up to you to weigh the benefits and risks of the medication and you will have to decide whether it is worth to take the medication or not.

According to the official information in case of women who were affected by preeclampsia and who took the medication the risks of early labor and stillbirth were dramatically increased.

Even more, it is also possible for taking Tylenol PM during pregnancy to be associated with clubfoot and hip dislocation.

Some other studies have shown that the children of the women who had high-risk pregnancies and took the medication were more likely to suffer wheezing than the children of other women who didn’t take medication of this kind.


There is no reason for people to take more than 4000 mg of this medication within 24 hours, because that is already considered to be an overdose. An overdose of this kind leads to liver and kidney failure and could result in the death of both the baby and of the mother.

Naturally when thinking about taking any kind of drug you should consider the side effects that it could have on both you and the baby. In case of taking Tylenol PM while being pregnant you could get groggy and your balance could also be affected.


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