Is Vicks Safe During Pregnancy?

Women are thinking about Vicks when they are faced with muscle aches or coughs. However, is Vicks safe during pregnancy? The active agents of the medication include eucalyptus, menthol and camphor to clear the nasal passages and to get a ‘cool’ feeling.

People consider that the ingredients are natural, so the treatment should be safe to use.

Vicks During PregnancyPregnancy

During pregnancy women should monitor what they use, take or have to make sure that they and the babies are in complete safety. The informal information says that the ingredients of the treatment aren’t harmful.

However the official studies have found that the ingredients could affect young children. The effects on the fetus are still unknown.


If you are thinking about using Vicks during pregnancy you should know that there have been some questions raised regarding the safety of camphor.

As it has been mentioned before, this is one of the main ingredients of the treatment. Authorities say that camphor is toxic especially in case of young children.

If this substance gets into the system of children, it could lead to seizures. If the treatment is used in excess or it is added to a humidifier, it also could cause seizures. Other symptoms include nausea, stomachache, irritability, vomiting and agitation.


The treatment has been used for generations and it is considered one of the most popular over-the-counter products. If it is used according to the directions, the treatment is considered safe. The treatment could turn out to be more than useful if you are affected by nasal congestion.


At the moment the specialists aren’t certain whether using Vicks while being pregnant is safe or not. This is why the best thing you could do is to talk to your doctor about it. You should also make sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer.


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