Is Zantac Safe During Pregnancy? Find the Answer

During your pregnancy you may ask: “is Zantac safe during pregnancy?” The animal studies show that the medication doesn’t have a negative effect on the fetus, but the fact is that in some cases the animals react differently than humans.

Is Zantac Safe During Pregnancy

General information

Zantac is also known as ranitidine hydrochloride and it is considered to be safe for pregnant women. Although the animal studies seem to have positive results, the doctors still have to consider whether the benefits of the medication outweigh the risks.

Category B medication

If you are interested in the safety of Zantac when being pregnant you should know that the FDA has a special category system for the drugs that pregnant women may take and the possible effects on the fetus. According to this system Zantac is a category B medication.

This category means that the drug wasn’t tested on pregnant women. However the animal studies suggest that it doesn’t do any harm to the baby and that it is safe for pregnant females.


Although the safety of Zantac while being pregnant seems to be high enough for pregnant women to use the medication, you should always remember that animals sometimes don’t respond to medication like humans and this is why the doctors have to consider whether they offer the medication to their patients or not.


During your pregnancy you might ask is Zantac safe during pregnancy. If you want to take the medication you have to let your health care provider know. The doctor will consider both the benefits and risks and he or she will make a recommendation according to your individual situation.

The truth about Zantac

When thinking about the safety of Zantac for pregnant women we have to admit that it does cross the placenta. However until now there wasn’t any pregnancy loss or birth defect directly linked to the use of the medication. You should also know that women tried this medication in all trimesters.

Think about the baby

No matter what answer you get to the question is Zantac safe during pregnancy, it is always better to avoid taking any medication or drugs during your pregnancy. This is because you can never really know for sure what effects it will have on the baby and it’s just not worth it.

However, if you feel like it is a must for you to think about whether Zantac is safe for pregnant women, you have to check with your health care provider first. This way you can be sure that you will make the right decision and you will know that you did everything you could to protect the health of the baby.

As you can see, the answer to the question is Zantac safe during pregnancy is yes, but you should take some safety measures, just to be sure that the little one will be alright if you take the drug.


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