Is Zumba Safe During Pregnancy?

If you are a Zumba fan you may ask if Zumba is safe during pregnancy.

Most probably you know that Zumba is a pretty intense kind of Latin aerobic dance. There is no reason for you to stop practicing it after you get pregnant.

There are a lot of women who were practicing it even during their eighth month of pregnancy.

Zumba Safe During PregnancyNonetheless you shouldn’t start the activity during your pregnancy unless you are physically fit. The best thing you could do is to listen to your body; if it feels right, do it. The women practicing it say that it fills them with energy and they aren’t affected by fatigue.


According to some specialists, during pregnancy the heart rate of women shouldn’t be greater than 140 per minute.

Other specialists say that pregnant women could have 30 minutes of exercises without heart rate limitations. If you follow this guideline it means that you could have Zumba during pregnancy.


Before starting with the activity it is best to get the approval of your health care provider. This is especially important if you have a history of high blood pressure, diabetes or preterm labor.

Also you have to be aware of your limitations. Make sure that you are standing upright to avoid a fall.

During the later stages of pregnancy it is better to tone down jumping and switch to low intensity dancing. Also remember that not everybody is able to go on with dancing until the end of their pregnancy.


You can’t expect the activity to be as pleasant during pregnancy as it has been before. This is because the blood volume of the body increases and women are more prone to muscle tearing and injury.

As you can see, there is no need to give up Zumba while being pregnant but you have to be more careful about it.


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