What Laxatives Are Safe During Pregnancy?

If you are thinking about laxatives and pregnancy most probably you are looking for something that would loosen the stool and would stimulate bowel movements. Still, women often ask what laxatives are safe during pregnancy?

It is quite common for women to suffer from constipation during their pregnancy.

Laxatives During PregnancyThis is caused by the pregnancy hormones and the growing uterus pushing against the stomach, the intestines and the rectum.

Information about laxatives

Before thinking about taking some kind of laxative, you should know that such medication could turn out to be a threat for both the baby and the mother.

Nonetheless there are some natural laxatives that are believed to be safe during pregnancy but you should talk to your doctor about them first.

Prune juice

This is said to be a safe laxative when you are pregnant and it is recommended by numerous doctors to their patients. Prune juice comes with many natural sugars, such as sorbitol and fructose that make it easier for the intestines to absorb fluids. This way the stool becomes looser.

Castor oil

This is a kind of laxative that can be found in the form of tablet, liquid or capsule. The dosage that you have to take should be decided by a doctor.

The main ingredients in this case are oleic acid, ricinoleic acid and also linoleic acid. These stimulate the walls of the colon and they increase bowel movement.


This laxative is also known as isaphula husk. If you take this kind of laxative you have to make sure that you take it with plenty of water. The moment it gets in contact with the liquids inside your stomach, the laxative increases gut content.

There are some other home remedies as well besides these pregnancy laxatives that are safe to use and don’t represent any threat to baby or the mother. So make sure you go for the safest method possible.


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