Which Is the Best Manual Breast Pump?

You could be looking for a manual breast pump if you need to pump from time to time to avoid engorgement.

This is also a good choice for the women who have to spend shorter periods of time away from their babies. The good thing about these pumps is that they aren’t expensive compared to the electric pumps.

Manual Breast Pump

Avent Isis breast pump

The women who tried this pump say that the silicone inserts and the suction level are comfortable. Another advantage is that you need only one hand to operate the pump. In the same time the pump is inexpensive and it is compatible with the Avent line of tops and bottles.

This breast pump that isn’t electric is good for the women who have problems with the let-down as well. Since the pump is so easy to operate, your hands won’t get tired even if you have to pump for longer periods of time before your reflex starts.

Medela Pedal Pump

This manual breast pump is a bit more expensive than the other pumps, but it is worth it. The pump is suitable for the women who have to pump more often. The interesting thing about it is that you can use your feet to operate it, so you will be able to pump longer.

If you are using this one of the manual breast pumps you will be able to pump more milk and to increase your milk supply without tiring your hands and arms. The best thing about the pump is that you can pump both breasts in the same time. This is something that the majority of the pumps can’t offer.

Medela Harmony

This manual breast pump is something like the Avent Isis. It comes with a soft insert that is comfortable and it can be operated with only one hand. It comes with several modes that imitate the way a baby sucks. This way you can stimulate the reflex of let-down.

This one of the breast pumps has fewer parts than the majority of the pumps which makes it easier to clean it. If you prefer the traditional bottles instead of the Avent bottles, this is the right pump for you to use.

Ameda One-Hand

When it comes to getting a manual breast pump, this is one of the best especially because of its size. It is really small, so you can place it in your purse, glove compartment or drawer. This is good because you can take it with you just anywhere you want.

Just like the other non-electric breast pumps this also comes with a one-hand design. However the grip is a bit different from the other models, so the use could turn out to be more uncomfortable than in other cases.

It is up to you to choose the manual breast pump that seems to be the most suitable. Naturally your budget may also have a word to say in the decision that you will make.


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