Some Effective Methods to Make your Baby Move and Kick

Pregnancy is a time of many kinds of joys, new feelings, excitement and other experiences. Among these experiences, one which every to be mom loves is when the baby inside her womb kicks and moves. These movements of the baby can be felt by the mother and even by others if they place their hand on the belly when the baby is kicking.  The little movements of the baby are reassuring for the parents that their baby is healthy and active.  Infact, they help them feel a little closer to the little life growing inside the womb.

Baby Move and Kick

Ways to make the baby move and kick

The baby generally starts making recognizable movements between the 16th and the 25th week of pregnancy.  In case of first pregnancy, you will be able to feel the movements not before the 25th week.  But even by this point you haven’t felt the tumbling motion or the butterfly like feeling in your tummy, you can follow the following given tips to make your little one move and kick:

  • To feel the baby kick or move, you can try to change your own movement. You can try and lie on your back for a brief period of time.  For a stretch of a few seconds, you can also try to lie on your belly.
  • Another fun way to feel the little feet of the baby against your belly is to eat something sweet. After having the sweet, wait for a few minutes and try to observe some kind of movement.
  • For different babies, different things work but one effective way to get it to some kicking is to listen music.  The sound of the music might be pleasing to the baby and you may get some movement in response.
  • Another way to feel the baby kick or move is to press on one part of the belly. This might trigger a reaction and the baby might press back and you can feel a movement.
  • To wake your baby up from deep sleep and to get him in the active mode of moving and kicking, you can try to have an icy cold glass of water.

How often should the baby be moving or kicking?

A lot of you must have this question on mind to see whether your baby is kicking the right amounts.  In the early days of pregnancy, the baby might not move as much and even if he/she does, the movements will be faint and not very frequent.  But by the time your second trimester ends, the kicks of the baby are more frequent and much stronger as well.

To give you the exact number, by the time of the third trimester, the baby moves as many as 30 times in one hour.  Babies are generally a little more active between 9 am and 1 pm.  Between this time periods, you are likely to experience more movements and frequent kicks. If the baby is not kicking as much, try the above given techniques.

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