What Is MMR Vaccine?

The MMR vaccine is a multipurpose kind of vaccine which protects against rubella, mumps, and measles. All three of them are serious illnesses that usually affect people during their childhood. Although it’s not pleasant to get an injection, this is a vaccine that you should get.

MMR Vaccine

Who should get the vaccine of MMR?

Specialists recommend all children to be vaccinated. In the majority of the cases there is need for proof of this vaccine for a child to be able to go to school. The first shot is given to children when they are 12-15 months old. In order to be sure that the child is protected, the vaccine shouldn’t be given too early.

After this there is a second MMR vaccination before the child goes to school, between ages 4 and 6. It is possible to give the vaccine after this age as well. In some states it is a requirement for the children to be vaccinated for the second time before they go to kindergarten.

The adults or the people over 18 should also get the MMR vaccine in case they aren’t sure whether they were vaccinated or not or if they received the vaccine only before they went to school. The adults who were born before 1956 are believed to be immune to the diseases because they had them in their childhood.

The women in their childbearing ages should also make sure that they get the vaccination of MMR. If they aren’t sure whether they had it or not, they should have a blood test to see if they are immune. This means that they had the disease or they were vaccinated and they are protected against the diseases.

If women aren’t immune it means that they didn’t get the MMR vaccine and they should have it. However it is important not to vaccinate women who are pregnant or who want to get pregnant in 1-3 months. The vaccine could harm the little one.

Benefits of the MMR immunization

According to specialists, one shot will protect people against mumps, measles and rubella for their entire life. The second shot is important to make sure that people are covered even in case they didn’t get full protection the first time when they got the shot. We can consider the second shot a safety net.


When it comes to MMR vaccine you should know that measles is a virus that leads to cough, rash, eye irritation, runny nose, and also fever. An infection might result in pneumonia, brain damage, seizures and in serious cases the infection could also result in the death of the infected person.


This virus can also affect people if they don’t get immunization from MMR. This virus causes headache, fever and swollen glands. In serious cases it can also lead to meningitis, deafness, swollen ovaries or testicles and sometimes, death.

As you can see getting the MMR vaccine is very important and it is better to be safe than sorry.


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