Is Nyquil Safe During Pregnancy?

You probably know that the doctors suggest women not to take any kind of medication during pregnancy.

What about Nyquil? Is Nyquil safe during pregnancy? There are some ingredients of the medication that are known to be harmful for the baby such as Dextromethorphan (or DXM) and alcohol.

Naturally these ingredients are safe for adults, but the underdeveloped organs of the baby may be affected by them.


The truth is that the effects of this substance on the development of an unborn baby are still unknown but it has been shown by the conducted studies that in some of the cases even the smallest amounts of the substance can lead to developmental problems.

This is why it is best to avoid the medications containing alcohol.


Nyquil Safe During Pregnancy

If you are thinking about taking Nyquil during pregnancy most probably you are looking for something to help your cough, because this is what this ingredient is good for.

You should know that this is a powerful drug that in some cases could have some serious side effects, such as fever, dizziness, diarrhea and vomiting during pregnancy. If you have a reaction to the ingredient, it could also hurt the baby.

High blood pressure

The ingredients of the medication could also lead to an increase of the blood pressure. There are a lot of pregnant women who already have higher than normal blood pressure, so they don’t really need this side effect. This means that a medication of this kind could turn out to be dangerous for both the mother and the baby.

Safe medications

There are a lot of different medications used in case of flu, cold, cough, pain or fever that don’t contain the ingredients of this one and these are said to be safe during pregnancy.

You should consider all information before you decide to take Nyquil while being pregnant. In the end you should have in mind your safety and the safety of your baby.


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