What Does Pregnancy Discharge Look Like?

Since a special discharge is a symptom of pregnancy, there are a lot of women asking what does pregnancy discharge look like.

Usually this appears in the early stages of pregnancy. It is also known as leucorrhea and it is supposed to be odorless or with a mild smell and it should have a milky consistence.

Pregnancy Discharge

Information about pregnancy discharge

Such a discharge can appear because of the hormone called estrogen that increases during pregnancy and we also have to consider that the blood flow is also greater in the vaginal area.

Such secretions come from the cervix and the vagina, normal bacterial flow from the vagina and the old cells that come from the wall of the vagina. This discharge can be used to detect pregnancy at early stages.

Truth behind pregnancy discharge

The women interested in the look of pregnancy discharge should know that although it is normal to have some vaginal discharge at any moment of their life, the flow of it increases during their pregnancy.

At the early stages this discharge can create a barrier at the bottom of the cervix known as the mucus plug.

In the moment when the cervix dilates the mucus plug is expelled and the consistency of this is something like egg white or the discharge from a runny nose. It is also possible for the discharge to look like gelatin. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is a bit of blood in the discharge.

Is it clean?

If this discharge is clean and there is much of it, it is possible that you are leaking amniotic fluid. If this is the case regarding pregnancy discharge look, you should make sure that you get checked out by your doctor to make sure that the baby is safe and sound.


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