Pregnancy Questions: Which Are the Ones Haunting You?

Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the happiest periods of women’s lives, but there are a lot of pregnancy questions that they would like to get an answer to. The most common questions refer to the pregnancy symptoms and what women could do about them.

Pregnancy Questions

Trying to get pregnant

The pregnant women’s questions usually start with questions regarding how to get pregnant. The truth is that there is no magic formula that would ensure you will get pregnant. The best thing you can do is to make sure that you are healthy and to have intercourse on a regular basis, not only when you ovulate.

Fatigue and questions about pregnancy

This is one of the most common symptoms that women experience. During the first trimester women get tired and exhausted easily. Keep in mind that in this period your body has to work overtime to make sure that the baby develops as he or she should. The best thing you may do is to pamper yourself.


When thinking about the questions regarding pregnancy, you might also be interested in questions regarding dizziness. This is quite frequent and sometimes women also feel faint. The symptom can be caused by low blood sugar levels. It is also possible that you have low blood pressure.

Food cravings and aversions

There are a lot of pregnancy questions regarding food cravings and aversions. Every woman is craving different foods and it is possible that you didn’t used to like the foods you crave. The cravings might last for short or longer periods of time. On the other hand it is also likely that women will have food aversions.


Usually the annoying symptoms make women seek answers for questions all pregnant women ask. This symptom is caused by the pregnancy hormones that slow down digestion. Slow digestion makes it possible for all the nutrients to be absorbed from food.

Breast tenderness

If you are thinking about the pregnancy questions, for sure you also consider breast tenderness. Again, the symptom is caused by the fluctuating hormone levels. As a result simple activities may turn out to be bothersome, such as showering and dressing up. Usually this is the first symptom that women experience.

Frequent urination

In case you are wondering about pregnancy questions for sure you will consider the questions regarding frequent urination. This is a really bothersome symptom and it is caused by the pregnancy hormones. The uterus also grows during pregnancy and it presses against your bladder, which makes you use the bathroom more often.


The questions of expectant mothers also involve the pregnancy headaches. These are more likely to appear if you were affected by headaches even before you got pregnant. During pregnancy the problem is caused by the fluctuating hormone levels and also because of the changes that go on inside your body.

Back ache

It is possible for the pregnancy questions to involve back ache. This could appear because your weight and center of gravity shifts, making your back work harder.


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