The Quest for the Best Pregnancy Sexuality Position

Although some women don’t even want to think about pregnancy sexual position, in the majority of the cases pregnancy boosts the libido of women. This is caused by the pregnancy hormones, especially estrogen.

This hormone makes the body become more sensitive, including the breasts and nipples.

Pregnancy Sexuality Position

Not looking for pregnancy sex positions?

The same hormones that increase your libido could end up making you feel huge and unattractive, not to mention all the bothersome symptoms of pregnancy such as morning sickness and fatigue.

Remember that the sex drive of every woman is different, such as the pregnancy of each woman is different from the pregnancy of other women.


In case you are looking for positions for pregnancy sex this is one that you can try. You should lie on your side with your partner behind you. The good thing about this position is that the penetration is quite shallow and so there is no chance for your partner to harm the baby.

Woman on top

This is another pregnancy sexual position that you should try. The advantage in this case is that there will be no pressure on the belly. In the same time you will be in control of speed and of the depth of penetration. Again, this position is all about safety.

Side of the bed

The women in search for pregnancy intercourse position may try lying on the side of the bed with the knees bent and the feet resting on the side of the bed. Your partner should be facing you. This position is something like the classic missionary, but your belly doesn’t have to support the weight of your partner.

Living room love

In case of this pregnancy sexual position you should kneel on the couch with your belly towards the back of it. Place your hands against the back of the sofa for support. Your partner should stand behind you, penetrating from behind.

Safe sex

The good thing about the pregnancy intercourse positions is that you won’t have to be afraid that you will get pregnant; you are already pregnant. However safety is still important. The good news is that if your pregnancy is progressing as it should, it is safe for you to have sex as often as you want.

When thinking about pregnancy sexual position, you should know that women may experience some bleeding during sex especially during the first trimester. This is caused by the burst capillaries of the cervix that get irritated during intercourse. While usually problems of this kind don’t represent a risk, you should still mention it to your doctor.

You might be worried about the positions for pregnancy intercourse. There is nothing to worry about because the baby is protected by the cervix and the amniotic fluid. If you have oral sex, your partner shouldn’t blow air into your vagina.

You could come up with a pregnancy sexual position that works for you or try those mentioned before. You don’t always have to use the same position.


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