How to Choose the Right Pregnancy Shoes

It is a well-known fact that pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods of women’s lives, but we can’t say that it is the easiest. A lot of women wonder about what pregnancy shoes to use because they have swollen feet and they experience pain and aches throughout their body. With the right shoes these problems can be made better.

Pregnancy Shoes

Comfortology and shoes for pregnancy

In case you are looking for some comfortable shoes, you should most definitely consider these. They are built with a special technology that shifts your weight from your toes to your heels. This way they can help with the back pain and balance problems of women. The average price range of the shoes is of $90.

Kami Dress Pump

The good thing about these pregnant women’s shoes is that they come in numerous different colors and they are wider than the regular shoes, which is really important during your pregnancy. You can wear the shoes with dresses, jeans and even dress pants and they cost only about $15.

Vista Stretch Pump

These pregnancy shoes are really cute and they have a sole that doesn’t slip. Just as in the previous case, the shoes are wider than the regular shoes and they look great for more special occasions. Usually the shoes cost about $40 but it is possible that you will find them cheaper.

Dr. Scholl’s

The best thing about these shoes for pregnant women is that they come in numerous different styles, including high heels, sandals and tennis shoes. Also there are a lot of foot care products that you could use. Even if you don’t buy shoes of this kind, think about the insoles that make any shoe feel comfortable.


For sure you know that these pregnancy shoes are really trendy in our days. Although they are relatively expensive, of about $35, they are really worth it. Naturally there are also some cheaper imitations, but they aren’t as comfortable as the real thing and they are also of poor quality so they tear easily.


Usually people buy these shoes for power walking, but they are also great as shoes during pregnancy because they offer a lot of stability and they are also comfortable. However there is one problem with the shoes: they are quite expensive. A pair costs about $330 so it might not be suitable for you if you are on a tight budget.

Birkenstock insoles

If you don’t want special pregnancy shoes you could be looking for insoles of this kind. The best thing about them is that they can make any shoe suitable for pregnancy. This is because they make the shoes more comfortable so that you won’t experience anymore aches.

Seraphine shoes while being pregnant

This brand also came up with a shoe collection for pregnant women and this comes with ballet pumps especially created for pregnant women. The heel of the shoe isn’t really visible when you are wearing the shoes.

There are a lot of pregnancy shoes for you to try, so buy the one that gives you the comfort you need.


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