What to Expect from Pregnancy Ultrasound Week by Week

When women get pregnant one of the things they would like to know about is pregnancy ultrasound week by week.

This way you can know the changes that happen inside you from one week to the other and you can also prepare for these changes.

Pregnancy Ultrasound Week by Week

Weeks 1-5 and the week by week ultrasounds

Pregnancy actually begins during the 3rd week when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. During the fourth week the embryo starts producing a hormone that stops the menstrual periods. During this time liver, heart and kidneys take shape and the tiny heart starts to beat.

Weeks 6-10

The week by week pregnancy ultrasounds show in this period that all the major organs start to take shape along with the neural tube. The tail of the baby almost disappears and the facial features become visible. The arms and legs start to develop and by the end of the 11th week the major organs begin to function.

Weeks 11-15

Although the eyes of the baby are also developed, they remain shut. It is interesting to know that the fingerprints are already in place. According to the pregnant women’s week by week ultrasounds the cheekbones and nose are more accentuated. This is the time when the baby starts moving and kicking.

Weeks 16-20

The interesting thing about the week by week pregnant women’s ultrasounds is that with their help you can find out the gender of the baby in this period. All five senses of the baby are developed. The baby has some fat and a whitish coat of a slick substance to keep him or her warm.

Weeks 21-25

You should know about the women’s week by week ultrasounds, that in this period the baby starts practicing breathing. The eyes of the baby slowly open. He or she has a regular sleeping pattern. In this period of time the head of the baby is still growing to accommodate his or her brain.

Weeks 25-30

Remember about the week by week women’s ultrasounds that the baby can hear now and he or she can also recognize the voice of the mother. This is the time to play music to the little one and also read to the baby. The mother could also try simply talking to the baby.

Weeks 31-35

The movements decrease during this time and according to the pregnancy ultrasounds week by week the digestive tract of the little one is almost fully functional. The skin is less red and wrinkled and the skull is still flexible. The body of the baby is becoming round because of the layers of fat.

Weeks 36-40

By this time according to the week by week pregnancy ultrasound the baby is fully developed and he or she can survive alone. By the end of the 40th week the baby could get born so don’t be surprised if you start feeling contractions and labor pain.

There is a lot to know about the ultrasounds week by week and you should take a look at them to be aware of your baby’s evolution.


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