Pregnant After 4 Months of C Section – What to Expect

Getting pregnant after 4 months of C-section can be quite worrisome for women.

For sure you know that the cesarean is considered to be a serious surgery so after a C-section you should take really good care of yourself and try to avoid getting pregnant this soon.

Pregnant After 4 Months of C Section

Positive outlook

We can all agree that this is something scary, but the good news is that the situation isn’t as horrible as you might think that it is. Women who have been in this situation felt fine during their second pregnancy. However, they had to take better care of themselves.

Possible risks

One shouldn’t think that it is something horrible, you have to prepare for the fact that some aspects of the pregnancy will have to change to make sure that your health (and your uterus) won’t be endangered.

One of the things that you should think is that it is very likely that you will have to have another C-section when the time comes to avoid the tearing of the uterus. In the same time you ought to know that it is possible that the baby will have to get born sooner than normal so that there will be less pressure on the uterus.

What do the specialists have to say?

The doctors usually advise their patients to avoid getting pregnant for 18-24 months. This is because the C-section is considered to be a major surgery and your body needs time to get back all the nutrients.

When thinking about being pregnant after 4 months of C-section you should remember that during the C-section women lose twice as much blood as during vaginal birth. Also remember that in this case the chances of complications are higher.


The women thinking about getting pregnant 4 months after caesarian section ought to know that there are higher chances for the baby to have low birth weight. As it has been mentioned before, there is also the possibility for the uterus to rupture.

The best thing that you could do about being pregnant after 4 months of C-section is to avoid it, giving your body enough time to heal properly for the future pregnancy to be a safe and healthy one.


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