How to Care for a Pregnant Belly?

You can be sure that you will hear a lot of things about your pregnant belly. There will be some people that if you carry low you will have a baby boy and if you carry high, you will have a baby girl. This is nothing more than a myth, but there are some facts that you should know about.

Pregnant Belly

Highs and lows and the belly of pregnant women

The truth is that the highs and lows can say something about the belly. If a woman carries high it means that the ab muscles are in good shape. Because of age, decreased fitness or previous pregnancies the lax muscles can make women carry low. The tall women usually have narrow bellies.

Sooner or later

In the majority of the cases the pregnant women’s belly doesn’t reveal their pregnancy until the beginning of the second trimester. Until that time the uterus hides behind the pubic region. If women are showing earlier, usually it is because of bloating. Women could show earlier if they were pregnant before and the muscles are lax.

Big or little

When thinking about the stomach of pregnant women you can expect your doctor or midwife to measure the fundal weight. This usually happens during the 20th week of pregnancy and at this point the fundal height is supposed to be of 20 centimeters. If there is a difference of 3 centimeters, most probably you will also have an ultrasound.

Linea negra

This is a dark line on pregnant women’s stomach that runs between the belly button and the pubic region. It is caused by the pregnancy hormones. Usually it is more visible in case of women who have dark skin. It will fade after pregnancy.

Belly button

One of the biggest changes about the pregnant belly button is that it becomes an outie even in case of women who normally have an innie. Just as in case of the linea negra, you can expect things to return to normal after you give birth. Until then, it is just another sign that you are pregnant.

Stretch marks

The bad news about the pregnancy belly is that it is highly likely that you will be affected by stretch marks. These are hereditary, so if your mother had them you are also likely to have a few. In order to avoid them you shouldn’t gain too much weight. The bad news is that nothing else really works.

When do you need the pregnancy clothes?

The pregnancy stomach might require you to get new clothes. The moment when you need these clothes depends on a lot of factors. For instance, if you usually wear loose clothes and you don’t mind wearing them a bit tighter, you may wear your clothes for longer periods of time.

Commemorate your belly

If you want to always remember your pregnancy belly you could take photos or make videos. Another popular way to commemorate it is to make a cast after it.

Having a pregnant stomach is something to remember.


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