Why Do Pregnant Women Crave Pickles?

Why do pregnant women crave pickles? The truth regarding craving pickles during pregnancy is that at this moment the specialists have no idea why it happens.

Some of the women say that they were craving pickles because of their sour and sweet taste, so they can fulfill two kinds of cravings at once.

The added advantage is that they can help with an upset stomach and they can make the gassiness better.

Pregnant Women Crave PicklesScientific information

According to the studies regarding pregnancy cravings and pickles, women tend to have different kinds of cravings during the different stages of pregnancy.

At some point the majority of women crave sour, salty, sweet, bitter and hot foods.

The findings have shown that usually women don’t want bitter foods during the first trimester because the bitter taste could mean that the food is spoilt.

Usually the cravings for sour and salty foods, just like pickles, appear during the later stages of pregnancy, like the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

On the other hand the sweet foods are usually the favorite of pregnant women during the first trimester.


When it comes to craving pickles it is possible that the body of women is looking for certain kinds of nutrients.

Some of the midwives say that this is the way that the body uses to communicate with women and tell them what it needs.

On the other hand there are some other professionals saying that the cravings have nothing to do with the needs of the body and that they are caused by the hormonal changes.

No matter what the cause of pregnancy pickles cravings, there is no reason for women not to have pickles. After all they are just cucumbers. They are healthy but women should make sure not to have too much of them because they could upset the stomach.


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