Why Do Pregnant Women Get Morning Sickness?

One of the first symptoms that pregnant women have is nausea and vomiting.

In this case they have to be thinking about morning sickness and pregnancy that appears in about the 6th week of pregnancy and that subsides during the 12th week. So why do pregnant women get morning sickness?

Morning SicknessInformation about morning sickness

This problem doesn’t harm the baby but if you cannot keep any food down, you may have some problems. If this isn’t treated it could get severe because you and the baby don’t get the nutrients that you need.

If you have symptoms of this kind you should make sure to let your health care provider know about it.

Morning sickness

More than 50% of all pregnant women are affected by it and it refers to a feeling of nausea during pregnancy. In some cases it could be accompanied by vomiting also. In many cases the problem is caused by increased levels of hormones.

Some of the doctors say that having morning sickness is something good because it means that the placenta is developing as it should.

What to do?

If you are struggling with morning sickness during pregnancy you should make sure that you have several small meals during the day.

Stay well hydrated and drink water half an hour before eating but not during it. Before you get up from bed you should have some soda crackers.

For sure you know which foods and smells make you feel bad and try to avoid them. If the odor makes you feel bad ask someone else to cook for you and open the windows while he or she is cooking. Rest could also help you, so have naps during the day.

When being affected by morning sickness while being pregnant you shouldn’t be in hot places and to make it better you should sniff on ginger or lemon.


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