What Should You Know About Sex During Early Pregnancy?

Although it may sound weird, it is normal to ask questions regarding sex during early pregnancy.

There are some women who have an increased sex drive during pregnancy while other women don’t even think about having sex.

Sex During Early Pregnancy

Is it safe to have sex in early pregnancy?

The good news is that if your pregnancy progresses normally you may have intercourse as many times as you want to, but you can be sure that you won’t always want to. At the beginning your sex drive might be decreased by fatigue, hormonal fluctuations and nausea.

Later women don’t think about sex and early pregnancy because they are too worried about back pain, weight gain and other symptoms that could decrease their libido. Don’t forget about the emotions that you might have in this period either.

When it comes to sex during early pregnancy, there are a lot of women who are thinking about how the pregnancy will affect their relationship with their partners. In the same time the fears that you have can also affect your sex drive. The changes in women’s self-image might also have a word to say.


In case you are thinking about early pregnancy sex, a lot of couples believe that sex can lead to a miscarriage. Usually this is not the case. The miscarriages are usually caused by chromosomal abnormalities or other problems of the baby that have nothing to do with the parents.

Harming the baby?

If you are worried about sex during early pregnancy you must know that the baby is protected by the cervix and by the amniotic fluid. The muscles of the uterus also protect the baby. This means that if you have sex harming the baby isn’t really possible.


The women thinking about sex during pregnancy are also interested in the positions that are suitable for this situation. In this case you should know that as long as a position feels comfortable, it is suitable for pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, you will have to experiment a little.

When thinking about sex during early pregnancy you should consider the positions that need you to lie besides your partner instead of lying on your back. You may also use the cowgirl position and you may be in front of your partner too, him penetrating from behind.

Anal and oral sex

These are concepts that women might think about regarding sex when being pregnant. It is alright to have oral sex but it is important for your husband not to blow any air into the vagina because it can lead to an air embolism which would threaten the life of the baby. On the other hand, anal sex isn’t really recommended during pregnancy. Even more, it could be uncomfortable because of the hemorrhoids.

As you can see sex during early pregnancy is safe for both the mother and the baby and you should know that if you’re happy, the baby inside the womb is happy as well so you just go ahead.


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